Thursday, February 23, 2012


Since last week or last  time that I wrote, I have been draggin' and sleepin' and almost cryin'. Strugglin' to get through the days doin' what I am 'spose to.

I think I had gotten out of the habit of taking my Prozac. (It has a marked influence on  my personality.)

So through tears I have been doggedly praying to the Lord for help and to fill me. He finally made me realize that I need medicine. This is not something I can do without. And believe you me, I have tried.

So while holding His hand I have begun the routine again.

I read an article today about Depression . This made so much sense to me! My brain seems like it is constantly going and going and going, like an Ever Ready Battery Bunny!

I had tried so many other antidepressants but none seemed to work. Vowed never to do it again. I just needed to buck up and all would be fine.

Then Micael got sick. Or rather we found out Micael was sick.

Coping is not something I do very well.



I prayed and prayed but mainly just wanted to cry all the time.

I was having trouble focusing, more importantly, focusing on the Lord, for the eye leaks.

Finally I told the Doc and he suggested Prozac.

I took it til I thought things were better and then came off of it.

Then  friends and family started asking if I was not taking the meds again.

I have realized, Depression is like a DISEASE. It is not something that you get over. It is a lack of connection or rather a too good connection, according to that article. It is something you cannot just fix without medicine.

We all have things that are "wrong" with us, some more noticeable than others.

None of us are perfect.

May we remember to pray for others, even if we don't think anything is wrong.

We just never know what is going on inside that person.



Belle said...

I take Citalopram for depression. Some depressions you never get over. Both my daughter and I have to take our pills or we slide into despair. God bless.

Nancy said...

You are so right...all of us have things that don't work properly and we need medicine...and I know depression is one of those...God has provided us with medicine why shouldn't we take it...If you leg was broken, wouldn't you go and have the dr. put a cast on it...No I don't want you to think less of yourself for taking it....

I have rest leg symtrome and I asked God to take it away but he didn't but he did provide medicine so that I can function. I am very thankful for that medicine....

Ask your dr. about has some anti anxiety stuff in it...I have a friend who it has helped so much.

I will be praying for you that God will give you the peace and wisdom to make a good decision......

Hugs, Nancy

Chatty Crone said...

Why did you come off them girl and did you talk to your doctor about it. Depression is a disease just like anything else. Hope you feel better soon. sandie

Pat Tillett said...

You are so right! None of us is perfect and we all can use some help from time to time. I know all about depression also. It seems like I've grown out of it (I'm so happy to say). My answer to was sleep. I slept and I slept and I slept. I'm all for taking medication when it works. I've been in that cycle as well. Take medication until I felt "better." Then because I felt better, I thought I didn't need medication anymore and stopped taking it. Then I'd regress until I was in misery and started taking medication again. Repeat...over and over... Geez!
Hang in there and take your meds!