Monday, February 28, 2011

God Issues

I subscribe to a daily email called God Issues. Some days it is just what I need to hear.

Seems lately, I should've opened more of these.

It's not that I feel God has left me, I just don't know what He wants me to do. I'm sure sobbing and crying over the split with  my kids is not quite what He had in mind, but I can't get past it. This has been going on for over 4 months. And a wedding looming in the near future, which is causing even more problems.

I'm at a loss.

Then in the midst of this, Tracy's birthday is Thursday. She would be 33. This week it is hard to realize that. She was 8 and a half when she died. Some years I deal ok. Others-not so much. This is an Other year.

Would you hold me up this week?


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Love of life.

Sunshine of smiles.

Anger with age.

Hurting the heart.

Gone for good.

Come home.

Love of my life.

by KaLynn

Friday, February 11, 2011

May you have many worries

I was cleaning emails today. Just hitting the down arrow to see what was next. Here was what was next:

Tiny Buddah: May you have many worries

It hit home. I worry about the bills, work, school, the kids, the kids fights, the grandkids, friends, my mother, etc. Get the picture?

This story reminded me that I have today to do with the best I can. I can love the extra time God has given Michael and myself. I can love the times with the Grands. The blessing I have of working with Layne. Be thankful for the massive amount of yelping I receive when I walk through the door after work. The fact that I am not doing well in school is nothing. Let it go.

I am blessed. Aren't you too?