Tuesday, February 7, 2012

May you be Blessed too!

As  you know, I am on a journey to come closer to God and let Him lead me (instead of me trying to lead Him) on the path. Instead of fighting the Force, I am trying to listen to the Force. It makes for a much calmer day let me assure you. May not always be the easiest but it is calmer than the back and forth trying to argue with God. You do not, repeat NOT, win.

I have made some not so hot choices for most of my life. Those choices not only affected me, but my kids and grandkids also.

I want to do something right for a change.

I want to walk with  God.

I want to feel the warmth of His love.

I want to feel His hand holding mine and I want Him to carry me when I fall.

Sandie has been with me since the beginning of this blog and so has Belle. They have held my hand and let me cry on their shoulders. They are the best. They have prayed.

So in following them, I have come across some blogs that are helping in that journey:

Created For a Journey (Nancy)

Chatty Crone (Sandie)

Me Myself and Mercy (Mary)

It's All About Purple (Debbie)

Good Morning God (Belle)

All these folks have blessed my days and are holding my hand as I try to reach my resting place with the Lord. (Even if they don't realize it!)

I know if you let them, they will bless your life too.

As I come across more, I will pass them along.

May you have a blessed day!



Anonymous said...

Nice post Mimi ^_^
Have a lovely Day!


Chatty Crone said...

You are so sweet. I am just glad to be there for you AND that you and God are getting closer and closer. HUGS, sandie

Belle said...

I used to argue with God also. Nope, you don't win. He is a lot smarter than us, plus he never wants to let us go. If I was any help to you I am so very glad and thank you for your post. Sandie and Nancie have also been a help to me.

Nancy said...

You sweet girl...how you have blessed and encouraged me today.....I am sending you many hugs for your sweet words and will praying that you will see God revealed more and more in your life...After all it is a journey and we are all on it together.....

Hugs and blessings,