Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Today I Changed the Prayer!

Today instead of asking God to take away the darkness and anger, I thanked Him for it.

I thanked Him for everything. Good and bad.

I thanked Him for every inch of my life.

Guess what?

The sunshine came back!

Thanks for all your prayers!

They helped me to wake up and return to the prayer I was praying every day before all this sadness.

I wanted the sadness to go away so that is what I focused on.

I should have focused on God and Jesus.

Once I did that, I opened my hands and heart to Him and it all melted.

So dear friends, you helped me immensely!

Hugs to all!


Belle said...

This is beautiful and inspiring! Thanking God does put everything in perspective.

Nancy said...

I appreciate how you have poured out your heart and I know God will bless you and honor your sincere desire to walk closer to Him and to be used for His glory and honor.

Remember He promises to bring beauty from ashes...I am praying for you sweet girl...