Monday, January 9, 2012

Just thinkin

Do you ever wonder why in the summer we have dry, brown grass and in the winter it is green and needs mowing?

Not related to the above question, but my Mom has been diagnosed with Dementia. She has been moved in with my brother and his family. It will not be much longer til they can no longer care for her. She thinks my brother is my dad. I am due to go out and see her soon with my sister. Wonder who we will be?

My grandmother also had dementia. My oldest aunt died of lung cancer, my next to oldest aunt died of throat cancer, my next to that aunt died from abuse. Now my mom has dementia.

It's been rather a sad time lately. I can't imagine having a screwed up world where one minute everything is fine and the next you are in a different time.

I feel for my brother and his family.

Do you ever wonder why.........



Chatty Crone said...

Yes, I wonder why a lot. Ad I have never found an answer other than there is no answer. I don't believe God makes it happen, but I do know for reasons unknown to me he allows it. Faith is like the wind - you don't see it but it is there. sandie

Belle said...

I am sorry for the sorrows in your family. My grandson died last August. It has been a terrible tragedy for our family.

I used to wonder why things like this happened, but I have found some answers through reading many books. We live in a fallen world with pain and tears. This was not God's will but came through rebellion against his government of the Universe. He will some day take us away from all this and give us something far better.

Sorrow and suffering is part of everyone's life here, but God can help us through it. I believe I will see my grandson again which gives me peace and hope. May God's peace rest upon you and your family.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

It's not that I am questioning God. He is all knowing. I just think it is sad. The really sad part is she has been telling me she had dementia for 15 years. I wonder if because she believed she had it that she made it come true.....