Thursday, August 18, 2011

I lost again

You know those days when every which way you turn something is happening that is not according to your schedule?
I have those often anymore. So I'm trying to open my hands and just deal with it. Let it go.

On my way home I turn the radio on to usually mellow music to unwind from a crazy hectic day that seems to be happening EVERY day lately.

My car has it's own phone number. When someone calls that number, it stops my radio.

The person that had my car's number didn't pay her bills. Her name is Mary. I don't remember the last name.

Yesterday, some idiot calls and asks for Mary. I reply, you have the wrong number, please remove it from your data base. Thanks.

Idiot starts yapping telling me I am Mary.

Sir, you have the wrong number.

I hang up.

He hits redial.

I disconnect.

He hits redial 3 more times.

I even stop and get out at FedEx to drop off packages.

He hits redial 3 more times.

I disconnect every time.

I am almost home, he calls again.

I answer and by this time I am pissed to no end: Hey stupid moron, you have the wrong number! Quit calling me!

He says: NO! I have right numba, YOU have wrong person! We file legal action on you, Mary!

ME: Can I speak to your manager?

Idiot: Hewo? Hewo? You still there?  Hewo

Me: Stop calling me.

Idiot: I call you wots now! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I lose it. I am screamin: Stop callin me You 'effin Moron!

I disconnect.

I do not know how to turn this phone off.

I am being harassed by several people over this girl's bills.

I called OnStar and had the phone number changed.

Hopefully it won't be someone's old number that didn't pay their bills.

I am really really trying to quit saying the F bomb.

I lost the battle with the Devil.

He pushed and exploded.

I lost yesterday.

But today is a new day.

I will try again.



mice_aliling said...

I would have lost it, too, Karen. I am already annoyed just by reading it. Hugs to you :) By the way, I'll start making the next batch of bookmarks next month, ok?

Pastor Sharon said...

And that is why I love waking up to a brand new day. I get to start all over.
Even the Apostle Paul said, "I must die daily". He meant, everyday he was faced with things that caused him to lose it. And everyday, even Paul had to start over.

Lovely when you think of it that way.

Belle said...

What a pain! Well, I used the F word about 10 times today. I should stop too but it feels so good. It is nice we can always start over when we screw up.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

I made it thru yesterday with no bad words!! YAY!

I've come to realize that I can do nothing about what I just did, but I CAN do something about what is I am ABOUT to do.

Retraining THOUGHTS is HARD!!

Sylar said...

nice post :P

Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Frustrating... but it reminded me of a classic joke.

Today you should be getting a call that says...
"Hi, this is Mary. Have there been any messages?"