Friday, February 11, 2011

May you have many worries

I was cleaning emails today. Just hitting the down arrow to see what was next. Here was what was next:

Tiny Buddah: May you have many worries

It hit home. I worry about the bills, work, school, the kids, the kids fights, the grandkids, friends, my mother, etc. Get the picture?

This story reminded me that I have today to do with the best I can. I can love the extra time God has given Michael and myself. I can love the times with the Grands. The blessing I have of working with Layne. Be thankful for the massive amount of yelping I receive when I walk through the door after work. The fact that I am not doing well in school is nothing. Let it go.

I am blessed. Aren't you too?



becca said...

me too i way too many worries

gayle said...

I too worry about too many things! All we can do is just try to live each day as best we can. I too am blessed!