Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Some days as I sit looking around I have questions about the thoughts around Creation.

Things like why is grass green and the sky blue. Or dirt brown, tree trunks shades of brown.

What was God thinking when He created the flowers?

How did He make cats purr and lions roar?

How did He make primary colors?

How many universes' are there?

How many other Earths are there?

And why did He create flies and cockroaches?

How did He make this feeling called laughter? And how did He make it spill and be contagious?

Do you have questions?


MiMi =0)


The Insomniac said...

Lately I have had so many of the same questions. The universe is so confusing and frustrating sometimes and at other times it is funny and rewarding. I look forward to reading your new blog and wish you all the best with it!

otin said...

I have thousands of questions which have no answers, so I try not to think too much about them because they will drive me crazy!

Anonymous said...

I like this place, can I hang out here for awhile? I do have a question, funny enough. I was watching a spider on the balcony last night. He had spun his web between the railing and the glass partition and every five minutes a fly, albeit a tiny one, would get caught in his web and the spider would dash out from hiding and whisk away the tiny bug. And I asked myself, how did that tiny little spider know that that was the right place to build a web? Somedays I don't even know the right place to pitch an umbrella on the beach without it blowing away or leaving me half exposed. - G

Matty said...

Lots of questions. But at least you spelled "flies" correctly. LOL

Tommy said...

... and why is my life the way it is? What happened to my life? What am I seemingly responsible for so many other people? I love them all, but sometimes I just want my life back... or would I miss all the chaos and confusion?

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

~Insominiac-questions and more questions! thanks for stopping by!

~otin-i know the feelin!

~Georgina-hang with me anytime girlfriend! i've wondered about the spiders too!

~Matty-but i dint spell universes correctly!

~Tommy-i don't know my friend. i'm leaning toward that you would miss the chaos and confusion especially with those grands!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! You made my first day purty dang good! =0)

Mark said...

This is a nice place, I think I will stay and enjoy a glass of wine! I heard that cats roar (or purr?) when they have their prey. For a lion, they may have captured their meal for the day. For a cat/kitten, they have captured their prey also - their prey may just be the love of the closest friend! Mark

gayle said...

I have tons and tons of questions and I have been told that I ask too many!

mice_aliling said...

I have a lot of questions but I never ask them. Maybe I should start doing that.