Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life-not always as we envisioned!

Is life ever the way you envisioned it as a kid?

I wanted to be married, have 6 kids and bake cookies and live in a beautiful house with my beautiful family.

I got married. Several times.

I was pregnant 6 times. 5 which produced live births, and 4 of which are still living.

I have lived in several nice houses.

I have a beautiful family.

I got my wish, it just wasn't EXACTLY as I envisioned it. But I got the best part! My family!

How about you? What was your wish or dream as a kiddo?




Vencora said...

i love hearing about people's childhood dreams. but i don't think i ever had any. might be related to my inability to make plans and goals as an adult. maybe there's something wrong with me. or maybe i'm just not meant to. or maybe there's something wrong with me that there's meant to be . . . ^_^ time for more coffee!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

~Ven-i don't think there is anything wrong with you. i think i just wanted something nicer than what i had. . . but more coffee sounds great! can i bring muffins?

gayle said...

I had a dream kind of like yours.......wanted 2 boys and 2 girls ....house ...and to Stay at home. Wish I had never gone back to work. I had two girls and wish I had more.

mice_aliling said...

I've always dreamed of traveling the world. You know the feeling that you're actually seeing the tings that you just see read in books or just watch in TV. It's surreal for me. :)

I want to have a family. Bu tI've never been married. Never have kids. Yet. So can I come back and tell you about it when it happens for me? :)